The Siblings Project – Side By Side (April 2019)

Our kids have such a beautiful bond, they may quarrel from time to time (at least once or twice most days if I’m honest) but otherwise they get along like a house on fire.

J has such a wonderful outlook upon life; he understands the importance of patience and understanding and is always willing to lend a hand and to offer his time to his little sister E. Likewise, E understands the values of sharing and compromise; put together they make the perfect pair.

J & E work well together as a team, they know each other inside out and happily play together for hours on end. Whilst J can become frustrated with E’s persistent pestering at times, he is extremely accommodating and adores having a little sister. There may be a four-year age gap between our kids but I’m not sure whether J even remembers a time before E’s existence.

The Siblings Project - Side By Side (April 2019)

At the end of each school day J & E will find each other before coming to me, Although J will often forget most of his own belongings, though he always makes sure that E has her bag, her coat and her lunch box before coming home for the day. It’ll be so bizarre when J moves up to senior school, I’m sure that E will miss having her big brother around to keep watch over her.

J is the most caring, considerate and thoughtful big brother. He is incredibly protective over his little sister; he holds her hand whilst out and about and keeps a close eye on her wherever they go. He is always sure to make things fair between them both, even putting E before himself when it comes to treats.

Whilst browsing the aisles in Tesco, J spotted a rather large, fluffy bunny which he couldn’t help but to point out to his sister (as she is a huge fan of anything bunny related). J took me to one side and explained that he’d like to buy E the bunny with his own money for Easter. However, he was worried that unless we got the bunny on that day that Tesco may sell out. As he didn’t have his money with him, I took £6 from my own purse and gave it to him along with the car keys and a small bag in which to hide the rabbit within. J very quickly scampered off on his mission, returning minutes later with a huge smile plastered across his face. Said bunny is currently hidden in J’s wardrobe, he is now desperate for Easter to arrive so that he can make his little sisters bunny based dreams come true. How sweet is that?!

It’s such a joy to watch them both as they chat and giggle together whilst walking hand in hand. They are such incredibly sweet siblings and I’m hugely proud of the pair of them.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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