The Siblings Project – April 2020

Back in the day when we were expecting E, we’d often joke that we had planned a second child simply to provide a playmate for our firstborn. Just to make it completely clear – this was absolutely not the case at all!

However, I must admit that ‘having two’ has its benefits as my kids certainly keep each other entertained, whether it be having fun or having feuds, they have each other at least.

The Siblings Project - April 2020

Being an only child myself, I’m well aware of the battles with boredom, especially throughout the summer holidays and suchlike. I can, therefore, imagine how difficult it must be during the lockdown for only children and keep reminding both J & E just how lucky they are to have each other during this difficult time.

Here’s a picture of my perfect pair (pardon the pun) which was taken earlier this week whilst out on the daily dog walk. One thing is for sure, these guys are so, incredibly lucky to have each other right now…

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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