#TheOrdinaryMoments – Rollercoaster Riding Adrenalin Junkies

I’ve always been an adrenalin junky when it comes to rides and rollercoasters. My husband, on the other hand, isn’t that keen on coasters but has shown willing to give the white knuckle rides a whizz with his wife.

I remember spending our honeymoon in Florida as a single-rider for the majority of the coasters. He simply wasn’t interested nor comfortable riding the likes of The Hulk, Space Mountain, The Kraken and such-like. Paul was quite happy to sit it out with a beer whilst I got my kicks on the coasters; I cannot get enough when it comes to rollercoasters, in the words of a true legend “louder, faster, harder!”

Last weekend my family and I visited Alton Towers theme park, it has been donkey’s years since I’ve been there and during that time there has been numerous new rides added to the park which I was itching to ride.

#TheOrdinaryMoments - Rollercoaster Riding Adrenalin Junkies

After palming the kids off with my in-laws my husband and I snuck away to ride a couple of coasters: the Nemesis and the Oblivion. I wasn’t really expecting Paul to join me in my adrenalin fix but he seemed quite happy to come along for the ride, although watching his face as we dropped almost ninety degrees into a dark hole was amusing, it did concern me somewhat that I may have put him off coasters for the foreseeable. 

Having ridden two of the best coasters in the UK, my husband has since suggested returning to the park for an adults/ adrenalin junkies weekend in the autumn. I think I’ve finally converted my husband from a feeble fairground rider into a rollercoaster tycoon!

Thanks for reading. I look forward to catching up with your #TheOrdinaryMoments posts either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

The Ordinary Moments


  1. September 3, 2019 / 1:13 pm

    Oh I do love rollercoasters. Sounds like you have it all planned out x

  2. September 7, 2019 / 6:20 pm

    It sounds like you had such a great time! x

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