#TheOrdinaryMoments – Snuggle With A Story

After a busy day, what better than to sit and read a book? One thing is for sure, my kids sure love reading and I love listening to and watching them enjoy literature. Both J & E have a couch in their bedrooms, which is most often where they choose to sit and read. Given that we’ve been in lockdown for the past however many weeks, we’ve passed a fair amount of time with reading in this house. Reading provides the perfect mental escape from ‘four-wall syndrome’ not only for the children but also for us adults. There’s nothing quite… View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Celebrating VE Day

To mark seventy-five years since VE Day, we celebrated by creating our very own bunting (which we coloured, cut and hung from the front window) and putting together our own picnic with fresh sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, and savoury snacks to enjoy as a family. Having spent the week researching VE day, the children both understood and respected the significance and importance of this event. View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Homeschooling

Though the kids may be fed up with being isolated indoors, they are certainly not suffering from boredom. Each week I have put together a timetable filled with activities for each day, this includes the schoolwork provided alongside a range of entertaining and educational activities - it sure keeps the boredom at bay! View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Time Trap

I never for a moment thought that I’d post a picture of myself wearing a medical mask as an ‘ordinary moment’ yet that’s exactly what this has become … the new ordinary. We were sat watching Back To The Future II today, the one where they travel to 2015 (or what they class to be the future). My son J was avidly comparing all the things that the film had predicted that we might have (such as self-tieing shoelaces, food hydration units and hoverboards) to what is our current reality. Having quite rightly pointed out that flying cars haven’t as… View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – There Is Colour Amidst The Grey

I’ll be honest – things feel pretty grey right now. Despite the misery and the madness, there are the odd pops of colour and the little laughs which seem to save me from drowning in a pool of dismay. It’s the magic moments which lift me steadily back to the surface… colour can be found amidst the monotone. If it wasn’t for my husband and my kids, I’m not sure how I’d be fettling right about now. It’s all too much, too little and too late… I’m trying my hardest – I’m determined to keep up the fight and to… View Post