#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Four Year Blogversary

Apologies for the late post but for one reason or another, things aren’t quite as they should be at present thus my blog may be a little quieter for the short term. 

Today just so happens to be my ‘fourth blog birthday’! It doesn’t really feel like four years since I first created this here blog and wrote my first post – time flies I guess!

I’ve really enjoyed writing, editing and creating posts over the past four years, it’s been a great way in which to document and record memories of Motherhood. Though, with the kids getting older, I tend not to share quite as much online (although they assure me that they don’t mind) as their privacy is important. …

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Wasted Weekend

Apologies for the backdated post – I was intending to write this post yesterday (as dated) but I spent the entirety of my weekend bed-bound with what I first assumed to be a nasty cold but soon realised was fully-fledged flu. 

Talk about feeling like a wet rag, I literally flopped on my bed and other than reaching for a drink, the thermometer, painkillers or a bucket I was no use to anyone.

After almost two days under a duvet, I finally got up, had a wash and got myself dressed. Though, by the time that I’d slapped on some foundation and had wobbled my way daintily down the stairs, I felt as if I’d run a marathon!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Marvellous Meal Out

It’s not often that we go out as a family, at least not for lunch that is. My kids you see are rather fussy over their food, they have never been the easiest of eaters especially when away from home.

Over the years we’ve wasted countless amounts of money,  buying the kids food in restaurants, cafes, bars and such-like. No matter how hard we’ve tried to encourage them to eat, both J & E will sit and pick at their food and eat next to nothing.

It seemed far easier, therefore, to pop to a local shop and to prepare and pack a picnic.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Warmth

I’ve never been an early bird when it comes to getting out of bed, especially not during the weekends. I’m not all that keen on parting from my pit and whilst I’m well aware that swimming lessons are a necessity, I wasn’t really up for the fifty-minute drive into town today.

After peeling back the curtains and awkwardly adjusting to the bright light like some sort of scorched vampire, I could see that both of our cars were covered in a thick blanket of ice. The freezing temperatures weren’t entirely enticing but never the less, we got ourselves wrapped up warm and after a bite to eat, we steadily made our way to the swimming baths.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Chemical Warf-Hair & Rainy Day Play

From an outside perspective, I’m sure that our house appears to be clean, tidy and well-organised but let me assure you that this weekend has felt far from it.

Whilst getting the kids dressed and sorted for what I was hoping was to be a stress-free, smooth-running Saturday, I discovered that we had acquired unwanted visitors. From that point on it was all-out-chemical-warfare (or should I say warf-hair?) as I smothered us all in large doses of Hedrin, a greasy formula which claims to kill headlice.

Given that my hair looked as if I’d dunked it in chip fat and was to stay in that state for a further eight hours, I had no other option than to stay indoors and to crack on with the cleaning.…

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