#TheOrdinaryMoments – Beach Battles

This looks like a fun-filled fabulous photo, right? WRONG! A picture only captures a split second, a moment in time, and whilst this split-second appears to capture two smiling, happy children, let me just fill you in on the thirty minutes prior to this photo being taken… Last week we had a series of rather impressive thunderstorms, one of which our daughter heard the faint onset of whilst out on a walk with her Dad, brother, and our basset. It was the tiniest rumble of thunder, yet E’s rather sudden and extreme response was to quite literally force her way… View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – One, Two, Three, Four – I Declare NERF WAR!

My kids are far from ordinary but I felt I ought to share this 'Nerf-War' moment as it is part of my normal. Whilst I was busy getting dressed and ready to visit my parents (which before you ask, is completely legal and acceptable as I am providing care during the lockdown) my kids were busy taking potshots at each other. View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Paint It Like Picasso

We've been homeschooling the kids for almost four months now and whilst that sounds like a long time, it doesn't really feel all that long. The kids have been amazing - they completely understand the situation in which we are in and despite their feelings of frustration in regards to missing their friends and family, they have not once lost their mojo.  View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – My Little Mermaid

We’ve had a week of the most wonderful weather which was well-timed for the half-term holiday. The kids have spent the past three of four days basking in the glorious sunshine whilst splashing and screaming in the paddling pool. Dozing on the decking whilst laid on the sun-lounger under the shade of a parasol, if I close my eyes and listen to the splish-splash of the water I could well be abroad. Though J & E both love water play, our little lady is particularly taken with her beloved paddling pool and has spent almost every hour of every day… View Post

#TheOrdinaryMoments – Mad About Minecraft

Having worked his stripy socks off for the past however many weeks of home-schooling, J was electronically awarded the lighthouse award late last week. To celebrate his achievement he decided to create a virtual lighthouse using his beloved Minecraft game. J is mad about Minecraft, he’s got the game on almost every platform imaginable and despite my suggestions to combine his games so that whichever platform he chooses to login upon comes up with the same game, he is quite happy to have a range of Minecraft games to be getting on with. Whilst I’m not entirely keen on the… View Post