#TheOrdinaryMoments – One, Two, Three, Four – I Declare NERF WAR!

My kids are far from ordinary but I felt I ought to share this ‘Nerf-War’ moment as it is part of my normal. Whilst I was busy getting dressed and ready to visit my parents (which before you ask, is completely legal and acceptable as I am providing care during the lockdown) my kids were busy taking potshots at each other.

My daughter had wisely worn her Baymax mask and had carefully placed bullets into her belt to be sure that she stood a safe but secure position in the nerf-war, whereas my son had opted for spy glasses, a nerf jacket, and his trusty nerf-watch. 

#TheOrdinaryMoments - One, Two, Three, Four - I Declare NERF WAR!

Less than two minutes after the nerf-war commenced, my corridor (and most of the upstairs bedrooms) were littered with piles of discarded Nerf bullets. The floorboards were bouncing as the kids ran amuck and I’m almost certain that my neighbours may have been somewhat concerned had they happened to hear the kids’ screams.

I left whilst the kids were laughing, smiling, screaming, and giggling, yet I’m almost certain that there will have been tears at some point. Thankfully I had escaped the madness and the tidy-up prior to this.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to catching up with your #TheOrdinaryMoments posts either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

The Ordinary Moments


  1. June 19, 2020 / 1:14 pm

    They look awesome in their Nerf getup! x

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