The Daily Positives Project 12/08/2016

Welcome once again to yet another episode of ‘The Daily Positives Project’ where I list three things from the past twenty-four hours which have been…well fairly alright all things considered!

daily positives

  1. The children are being babysat by my parents this evening, I am fairly convinced that they are most likely still awake and causing chaos but at least we are being given a small break from the terrors that cause us to try growing eyes in our backsides!
  2. We have had a lovely meal out together without the gurning of a small child complaining that they “not like thems”.
  3. My rather lovely new sarong arrived in the post this afternoon and whilst I will have to wait at least twelve months to wear said sarong I do so love the bright pink tie dye design that I chose.

That’s about it really, I am now going to collapse on the sofa and catch up on the soaps without any interruptions from children, bliss!

Thanks for reading and if you feel like joining me then I’d love to read your posts, be sure to add a link in a comment below.

The Daily Positives Project


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