The Daily Positives Project 11/08/2016

It’s that time of day for yet another ‘daily positives’ post. I apologise for the lack of more general blog posts, I am managing to post on a daily basis but most of my posts do seem to be through this new project. I will aim to try and write some other posts shortly. It’s been a fairly busy week so far, once things settle down and I somehow gain more time I am sure that I will find other things to post.

Without any further waffle, here are my high points from today:

  1. First thing this morning I was visited by the wonderful ‘Rebecca’, a mobile beauty technician who kindly gave me these bad boys.
    The Daily Positives Project
    I love my new nails despite struggling to pick up small change from my purse. I will continue to persevere as quite frankly anything this sparkly deserves the effort!
  2. I attended an interview this afternoon which I feel went fairly well. I left feeling positive which is hopefully a good sign, if anything it gave me yet another experience of being interviewed at the very least.
  3. I really enjoyed my shift behind the bar this evening, I was visited by some wonderful friends that made me smile with their never ending humour and wit. Alison and Duane are a fantastic couple worth their weight in gold when it comes to making me laugh. As for snorting my own drink from laughing so hard, that’s another matter.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like joining me then I’d love to read your posts, be sure to add a link in a comment below.

The Daily Positives Project


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  1. August 12, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    I find that daily positives make such a difference to your mindset and help you to focus on what is good in your life. Fun nails!

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