The Daily Positives Project 10/08/2016

Welcome to my third instalment of the ‘Daily Positives Project’, I am afraid this post isn’t hugely interesting but sometimes it’s the little things that count… There are bound to be some days when it’s hard to identify a single positive point never mind three! If I’m being brutally honest, I’ve found it really difficult to find anything particularly wonderful about the past twelve hours or so but I’ll try my best…

  1. I took J to the dentist and they reassured me that his serrated teeth are perfectly normal for newly formed adult teeth. He has terrific teeth and was the perfect patient so I couldn’t ask for better.
  2. We received the funds from the bank for the extension.
  3. J learnt how to play Qwirkle and seemed to enjoy spending time playing quietly on the carpet with us. I was incredibly impressed with how well he coped following being beaten by a few points. Usually losing in any shape or form causes J great upset. The boy is growing up and learning to cope with loss, an essential life skill if you ask me.The Daily Positives Project 10/08/2016

Thanks for reading and if you feel like joining me then I’d love to read your posts, be sure to add a link in a comment below.

The Daily Positives Project




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