The Daily Positives Project 09/08/2016

Welcome to the second edition of ‘The Daily Positives Project’. I was originally planning to post my positive points first thing each morning. However, this would require me to switch on the laptop first thing after waking, that simply ain’t natural nor particularly healthy. I will therefore be posting my daily positives posts later in the day.

Here are three positive points from today:

  1. I took part in and passed a telephone interview, I now have a face-to-face interview lined up for Thursday for a part-time role in a company in which I am really keen to work for.
  2. Whilst surfing the tin-ter-net today I managed to bag a bargain! I finally ordered a fab wooden swing and slide set ready for E’s Birthday. I managed to get the whole kit and kaboodle for under £200, what a steal!
  3. The Daily Positives Project 09/08/2016
    I have located a website filled with bags at bargain prices in hundreds of different styles, shapes and colours. I could quite happily spend hours browsing bags and still not have a clue which ones to order. It’s like handbag porn and that my friend is precisely what floats my boat.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like joining me then I’d love to read your posts, be sure to add a link in a comment below.

The Daily Positives Project


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