The Daily Positives Project – One Week Later

It has been one week since I first began ‘The Daily Positives Project’. Whilst I have enjoyed identifying the positive points from each day, I don’t feel that my posts necessarily make for good reading. I will therefore be drawing my project to a close at this point but will continue to make a mental note of the ‘positive points’ from each day in an attempt to keep the ‘good vibes’ flowing. Upon reflection I believe that identifying even one positive per day can have a beneficial impact upon your outlook towards life. I have felt a particular zest for life this… View Post

Feeling Good- The Daily Positives Project 13/08/2016

I’m feeling good today, I finally managed to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep despite random dreams about inflatable cow-print cubes landings from space and bouncing around the countryside… I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been smoking, I assure you that these kind of dreams are fairly normal for me and no drugs were involved. So without further ado, here are the top three moments from today: Paul painted the vestibule and fixed the garden fence, two jobs which have been on the ‘to do list’ for some time now. It looks loads better and smells fresh too. I… View Post

The Daily Positives Project 12/08/2016

Welcome once again to yet another episode of ‘The Daily Positives Project’ where I list three things from the past twenty-four hours which have been…well fairly alright all things considered! The children are being babysat by my parents this evening, I am fairly convinced that they are most likely still awake and causing chaos but at least we are being given a small break from the terrors that cause us to try growing eyes in our backsides! We have had a lovely meal out together without the gurning of a small child complaining that they “not like thems”. My rather lovely new sarong… View Post

The Daily Positives Project 11/08/2016

It’s that time of day for yet another ‘daily positives’ post. I apologise for the lack of more general blog posts, I am managing to post on a daily basis but most of my posts do seem to be through this new project. I will aim to try and write some other posts shortly. It’s been a fairly busy week so far, once things settle down and I somehow gain more time I am sure that I will find other things to post. Without any further waffle, here are my high points from today: First thing this morning I was visited by the… View Post

The Daily Positives Project 10/08/2016

Welcome to my third instalment of the ‘Daily Positives Project’, I am afraid this post isn’t hugely interesting but sometimes it’s the little things that count… There are bound to be some days when it’s hard to identify a single positive point never mind three! If I’m being brutally honest, I’ve found it really difficult to find anything particularly wonderful about the past twelve hours or so but I’ll try my best… I took J to the dentist and they reassured me that his serrated teeth are perfectly normal for newly formed adult teeth. He has terrific teeth and was the perfect… View Post