Saturday Shenanigans

It’s a sunny Saturday and if I’m honest I’ve done very little other than play catch up. I’ve wrapped and posted my recent eBay sales, I’ve written and stamped up numerous envelopes for various occasions, I’ve done a last-minute Fathers Day dash and I’ve even sorted through my email inbox.

The kids have spent time making dens, running around the garden and building Lego models but otherwise we haven’t done a great deal at all. I’m considering fishing out a few tents which are stored somewhere or other in the man cave which is also referred to as the garage from time to time but other than keeping the little ones entertained and heading out to work later I have very little planned for this weekend.

Saturday ShenanigansBeing the Queen of Clumsy I managed to throw myself down a set of stairs earlier this week and as a result I now have what is said to be a ripped tendon in my right arm. It’s blumming painful to say the least and whilst I am just about able to type this post, I have found it incredibly difficult to sleep comfortably or to carry out any heavy-duty lifting tasks which being has made carrying my cuddly three-year old nigh impossible.

I’m hoping to collect a brace later this afternoon which will hopefully alleviate some of my discomfort and allow me to continue as normal without having to wince each and every time I so much as flex my arm. God knows how I will pull pints later today but as always I will try my best.

My funky new boots were delivered this morning which is typical as it’s far too warm to wear anything other than flipflops or sandals. I’ve also received the replacement hoover handle from Dyson (hoover, vacuum, sucky thing or whatever you may wish to call it should you be fancying commenting on my incorrect naming of various utilities) and whilst I have been desperate to give the house a good once over and now that it’s finally arrived I seriously cannot be bothered to do much of anything in terms of graft given my recent injury!

Right, well I’d best pack up the Macbook and get myself ready for an afternoon of fruit fleecing (stealing strawberries from the in-laws garden whilst they are away), pitching tents and pulling pints! With a little luck the Ibuprofen will kick in shortly and I can enjoy my afternoon without wincing.



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