Racing Back To The Reality Of A Routine

So it’s Sunday; I apparently made it to the weekend despite feeling completely and utterly drained for the entirety of the week. I’m actually rather proud of myself for pushing on through and giving it my all, although there were a few days when I wasn’t actually sure whether I’d make it out of bed!

It’s been just over a week since my surgery and I’m feeling so much better in myself. I am however rather glad that it’s the weekend as I’ve been able to catch up on some much-needed sleep and to relax, which is precisely what the Doctor ordered.

The kids have had four days back at school and already it feels as if we’ve never been away. At least now we can work on getting a routine back up and running. Though I miss the spontaneity of summer ; those random BBQ’s, days out or gatherings with friends which were totally unplanned. How come the unplanned events are always the best? You’ll find yourself saying things like  “We should do this again” but it never actually happens. That’s life I guess ; living each day for the moment which seems to be exactly how I function at present.

The clocks are yet to go back but already the nights are drawing in earlier, the temperature has dropped and the dreaded C word has been mentioned at least ten times within the past week. How is it that once summer comes to a close, we suddenly leap two or three holidays ahead and start planning for Christmas?!

I was going to try to hold off the Christmas caper a little this year, but with the kids having a keen eye for expense when it comes to their taste in toys, I’ve already started writing a list of ideas. That and the children have sprung onto the idea that Christmas isn’t that far away and they would therefore like to inform me of all the things which they fancy fleecing us for.

One thing at a time though as there’s so much to get done over the next few months, the last thing I need to be doing is racing ahead of myself.

Thankfully after months and months of patiently waiting, we finally had a set of french doors installed in the dining room. They look absolutely stunning and we can finally open the double doors onto the decking; it’s just such a shame that whilst fitting the doors, our builder accidentally burst a can of spray foam, which then exploded all over our brand new decking. No matter how hard we scrub or pick at it, it simply doesn’t seem to want to shift. Where there’s an up there’s usually a down right? It certainly seems that way!

Racing Back To The Reality Of A Routine

Now that the doors are fitted, we can make a start on planning for further windows and doors downstairs, some of which I’m hoping to get done and dusted before December. With a little luck it won’t be long before I can tick off some of the many overdue DIY tasks from the never-ending list which comes with house ownership.

I’d love to be able to click my fingers and have everything done, decorated and dazzling all at once. I’m forever looking at magazines and dreaming of a ‘show house’ style kitchen but it just doesn’t happen like that, at least not in this household. We aren’t the type of family to ‘throw it on the credit card’. It would be pretty impossible given that we don’t have a credit card, that and we would never dream of relying on the ‘never never’. Instead we scrimp, save and spend our hard-earned cash on whatever it is that we need at the time – we live to our means and that’s probably why it’s taken us so long to get to this point. It will no doubt take us forever and a day to get the house exactly how we want it, there’s all kinds of things we want to do but there’s no big hurry.

I’m at least getting myself organised in some aspects of life and am making a push to get things done. The children are my main focus, nothing else really matters. Looking back, it’s not as if I spend hours reflecting upon the kitchen tiles that my folks had when I was ten years old, nor do I spend time worrying whether their windows were a little foggy. Kids don’t care whether they live in a house of a show room standard: All that matters to them is that they are given warmth, clothing, food and drink, an education, safety, security, happiness and love, all of which I stand rest assured that our children have plentiful amounts of.

It’s getting late now and I really ought to stop rambling, that and I have a plate of cheese and crackers calling me.

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