Living In A Bubble

As a fellow blogger and an avid blog reader, I realise that life is often painted to be far sweeter than reality.

It’s all very well sharing the picture perfect moments from your day but let’s be honest now, the majority of those photos use filters and if the photos themselves aren’t filtered or altered in some form then the accompanying blog posts most often are.

There are moments when I stand staring into space wondering what exactly it is that I’m doing and where it is that I’m heading. Those moments are never photographed nor caught on camera, yet somehow I feel as if I’m being observed during those times.

Living In A Bubble

It’s during those moments of worry, loneliness or upset that I somehow feel watched, observed from afar and somehow understood. It’s an overwhelming and rather strange sensation which I can only describe as a ‘movie moment’, a moment when a character is filmed in the process of thought as his/ her actions clearly reflect emotions, thoughts and feelings.

It may seem rather surreal and it’s no doubt all in my head, yet this is precisely how I deal with times of discomfort, despair of distress. I guess it’s a way of comforting myself, by creating a virtual observer to share in my situations – my moments.

People often make observational comments that I appear to be ‘in my own world’ or ‘living in a bubble’. Bubbles are such beautiful things though ;a perfectly spherical rainbow of colour, sparkling, shimmering and dancing upon a pocket of air.

Living In A Bubble

I often wonder what it would be like to be on the outside of my bubble; to be looking in rather than out, to spend time in somebody else’s shoes, to see what others see, to view things from an alternative perspective.

I wonder what other bubbles might be like, what might they be thinking, feeling, seeing, and doing. I wish that I was able to step outside my bubble, to pause the ‘movie’ for a minute and to escape from my mind for a moment.



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