Let’s Get Busy

I should really blog more often than I have been of late. I’ve just been caught up with other stuff and haven’t had an awful lot to share other than my weekly linky posts and even those seem lacking somewhat.

Life seems to be ticking along nicely, the kids seem happy being back at School although E is yet to start full-time which she will start as of next week. It’s only been a fortnight and already our little lady has settled into School like a duck to water, she seems far more independent these days even mastering the art of wiping her own backside which is a miracle it itself!

Let's Get Busy

Paul and I have a rather busy weekend ahead with functions, fun and family. Paul has his brothers stag do down in Sheffield whilst I have the annual ‘Blog On’ conference to attend. I’ll be honest I’m more than a tad nervous, I’m not the most confident of drivers on the motorway and past conferences I’ve had company in the car but this time around I’m on my lonesome and the conference is being held at a new venue.

Having picked up a speeding ticket whilst on my travels to the previous conference back in May, I plan to give myself plenty of time this time around both to avoid any tickets and to give myself an hour or so to get lost, find parking etc etc. I am yet to make a ‘packing list’ which will be tomorrows job…

Paul and I also have work, chores and the children to slot in around our busy social schedule which has taken a little juggling here and there. Although I love getting out and about, I am feeling ever so slightly guilty that I’m having to palm the kids off with the in-laws but I’m sure that they will great fun and I guess us adults deserve a little time to ourselves every now and then.

Other than a car clashing with a wall there’s been very little excitement in our lives of late. That’s all about to change though with the endless activities which we have lined up over the next month or so, bring on the chaos, bring on the bedlam and let’s get busy!



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