A Mind Of My Own

There are times on this Earth when despite how much it may hurt, aggravate you, unsettle you, irritate you, however hard it may make your stomach churn or how uneasy it may make you may feel – it’s far easier to either say nothing or to be nice than to speak out.

There are however opportunities when speaking your mind is precisely what you should do, although I find that on a personal level I tend to over step the line and often end up either insulting or upsetting someone rather than making the positive point which I originally intended.

A Mind Of My Own

Although I lack a serious filter, I have learnt over the past few years how to curve my mouth and how to steer clear from sticky situations by simply remaining silent. I would once open my trap and say exactly what was on my mind. That time is no longer, as my mind is now unique to me; it is my private space in which I will consider options, weigh up the wonders of the World and come to my very own conclusions without judgement.

So forgive me if you don’t get exactly what you were expecting, I’m just me and my mind remains my own. Keep positive, keep smiling and keep being kind as it’s far better than the alternative.



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