World Autism Awareness Week 2017

Did you know that we are in the midst of  ‘World Autism Awareness Week’? It seems perfectly timed given that BBC film crews have rocked up in our neighbouring village today to begin shooting a second series of ‘The A Word‘.

World Autism Awareness Week 2017

Whilst Autism may mean very little to you, it is highly likely that somebody within your friends or family is in some way affected by autism. According to statistics around 700,00 people within the UK are on the autism spectrum. Together with their families this means that autism is a part of 2.8 million people’s daily lives.

Whilst you may be aware having read my past posts, my son J has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. He has what I would refer to as a mild form of autism which I would personally class as Aspergers Syndrome. It isn’t hugely noticeable from an outsiders point of view but it can certainly be challenging from a parental perspective.

Over the years J has grown to accept his differences, he has learnt how to cope in situations he once found overwhelming. J has found ways in which to make his life easier through strict routines, meal plans and specific interest based hobbies.  I am so proud of the progress that he has made, we still have the odd off day but don’t we all?

Autism is a life long condition, it’s not something which we can grow out of or recover from. It becomes part of you, something that you continue to deal with and to struggle through over time whilst learning to accept and to understand the condition.

Autism should never define a person, much like eczema or asthma it is simply a condition which we must learn to manage. If you have met one person with autism then you have done just that met only one person with autism as each and every individual is different and different is good.

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