Sort Your Snaps & Save A Life Time Of Memories

Sort Your Snaps & Save A Life Time Of MemoriesChildren take over every aspect of your life, including your hard drive space. From conception onwards, we try to capture the memories of the scans, the progress of pregnancy growth, the birth, the baby and so on.. It is incredible just how many photos and videos you will snap to record those precious moments. Whilst digital photos and videos are easy to shoot and to get printed, photos and videos all too often tend to remain stored upon our hard drives collecting dust so to speak. Don’t let your precious memories get lost in the multiple layers of your hard drive, instead take some time to organise and save your memories safely.

Sort Your Snaps & Save A Life Time Of MemoriesFirstly and most importantly ensure that you backup your photos and videos by making copies of them and placing them upon an alternative source (using a pen drive, cloud storage or external hard drive). Secondly, to make sure that you are able to effectively organise your files, be sure to check that your camera/ video camera/ phone is set to the correct date and time. This will in turn ensure that your photos are correctly date and time stamped.

Sort Your Snaps & Save A Life Time Of MemoriesIn order to organise your files, setup a time recording system which works for you, whether it be by week, month or year of age. Create folders which correspond with how you wish to search for your children’s pictures. For example Month 1, Month 2, etc…Be sure to store your photos in the correct folders according to the date every time that you upload your photos/ videos, this makes it far easier to search for photos at a later date.

Finally, remember to get some of your photos printed, it is all very well having a digital copy of your memory but there is nothing better than having a hard copy on your wall or in an album to treasure forever.



  1. May 18, 2016 / 12:39 am

    Such great tips Rachel. And you have reminded me that I need to catch up with all mine! I have a folder per year and then in that folder I have per month, it works so well when I want to catch up on memories. #TopTipTuesday

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