Simple Solutions For Smart Phones With Popsockets

I’m not sure about you but I’m a sucker for having an oversized phone, not only am I half blind so require a large screen to actually see what I’m sending but I also enjoy the fact that I have something between a phone and a tablet in terms of size, my IPhone 7 Plus very quickly made our IPad redundant, this freed up the IPad for E who has since covered her beloved tablet with a Frozen cover and made it her own.

Having a large phone is great but it can give you achy hands should you use it for any length of time and as such I’ve been searching for a solution which I found in the form of ‘Popsockets‘.

What Are Popsockets?

Popsockets were introduced in early 2016 and have since grown in popularity throughout the UK. Popsockets are the ideal ‘pop on’ phone grip which can also be used as a phone stand, a phone grip, an earphone management system or a tablet/ e reader holder.

Simple Solutions For Smart Phones With Popsockets

With PopMount companion products these little beauties mount onto nearly any vertical surface such as dashboards, mirrors, refrigerators, walls and all kinds of places for hands-free viewing.

Simple Solutions For Smart Phones With Popsockets

Not only are Pop Sockets super handy but they are also available is a wide range of designs, should you fancy you can even customise your Popsocket with your very own design.


Purchasing & Pricing Information

Popsockets retail from £9.99 upwards and are available to purchase either through Amazon or directly through the Popsockets website.

Simple Solutions For Smart Phones With Popsockets


Popping Popsockets Onto My ‘Purchases’

I’m going to give these guys a go and with a little luck I’ll have pain-free phone usage for the future, super selfie snaps thanks to this ‘super sucky solution’ that and I’ll finally have a mount for my sat nav whilst out and about in the car. It seems like a win-win solution for my supersized smart phone.

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