Framing It With ‘ImageFramer Pro’ from Apparent Software

From PC to Mac – You Might Look Back!

Having switched from PC to Mac a few years back I’m rather fond of the ‘Apple’ way of life but I have found there to be a few things over time which were either a little tricky to fathom or rather costly to fix. As the good saying goes “once you switch to Mac you won’t look back” well that’s all very well unless you happened to favour certain PC based software unavailable to Macs.

I myself used Windows for many years for a great number of things including the creation of my annual ‘family calendar photos’ which we send out as gifts to our parents, Grandparents and in-laws each year.

I had grown accustomed to using Jasc Paintshop Pro to edit images, create collages, add effects, add borders and frames before uploading said photos ready for printing. Jasc is now an outdated piece of non-Mac, PC based software which was recently bought out by Corel and whilst it continues to be developed and is available for sale through Corel it is only available for Windows based machines.

Having eventually accepted that Jasc was no longer an option unless I admitted defeat and used my husbands Windows PC which could only happen over my dead body I sought out Mac alternatives which could do the job to the same standard, if not better.

Fathoming Photoshop

I began by purchasing a copy of Adobe Photoshop which took a little time to get used to using. After a little research and practice I learnt how to edit images, add borders and to create some rather snazzy mask style frames. Whilst these frames seemed effective and the finished photos looked good there seemed to be a lot of work behind each individual frame and given that I’m a Mum-to-two I simply didn’t have the time to sit and edit each single image to that degree.

Apparent Software ‘ImageFramer’

I missed having a range of snazzy, stylish frames at the click of a button and it was then that I sought out further software. I spent hours scrolling up and down the App Store looking for something which would fit the bill which is when I came across ‘ImageFramer’ from Apparent Software.

Framing It With 'ImageFramer Pro' from Apparent Software

Apparent Software was founded in 2006 by Jacob Gorban, his mission being to create useful, friendly and unique software fo Apple devices complemented by first-class customer care.

Framing It With ‘ImageFramer’

I downloaded a trial version of ‘ImageFramer’ and instantly fell in love with this software, it almost seemed too easy to use, there was an incredible range of frames all of which could be easily added to images to create perfect pictures for all kinds of creations. Having contacted Apparent Software to declare my love for this product they very kindly offered to send me to the ‘Pro Version’ of ‘ImageFramer’ to review and to share on this here blog.

Framing It With 'ImageFramer Pro' from Apparent Software

Having played around with the Pro version of this software for a few hours I found that there were that many options I was barely able to decide which frame to use at all. Each of the frames looked blumming wonderful in comparison to my fannying around on Photoshop, suddenly the task in hand seemed rather simple and anything which makes my life easier certainly gets my vote!

Whats Included?

With over eight hundred beautiful frame designs (with more designs being added through regular software updates), ImageFramer proved to be the answer to my picture prayers. I can now add countless frames/ borders to my photos with the click of a button all of which can be individually tailored and tinkered with.

No longer was I wasting my time cutting, pasting and counting pixels as images can quickly and easily be altered in width and height through cutting, cropping or using the aspect ratio options.

With batch processing being an option I was whizzing through my calendar creation like a rat up a drain pipe, sod Jasc or fiddling around with Photoshop, ImageFramer was far less time consuming, far easier to fathom and actually fun to use.

Framing It With 'ImageFramer Pro' from Apparent Software

With colour adjustment, flexible frame width, Apple integration through the Adobe Lightroom plugin this software seemed to tick every box. Not only is ‘ImageFramer’ super easy to use but it’s also extremely versatile in that you can add text, image overlays, multiple mat layers and have full control over the adjustment of colours, shadows, opacity and much more.

Framing It With 'ImageFramer Pro' from Apparent SoftwareImages can be saved in a variety of formats, all of which can be previewed to compare a range of frame options and variations. Whats more, with the Frame Editor Pro version users can now add and edit their very own frames, personalising pictures to bespoke designs!

Purchasing & Pricing Information

ImageFramer is available to download and to purchase directly from Apparent Software at three differing pricing tiers :

  1. ImageFramer Lite

Priced at $29.95 (£22.49), the ‘Lite’ version of ‘ImageFramer’ includes all the basic features along with 800+ frames

  1. ImageFramer Standard

Priced at $39.95 (£30), the ‘Standard’ version of ‘ImageFramer’ includes all the basic features, 800+ frames, text overlays and image overlays.

  1. ImageFramer Pro

Priced at $69.95 (£52.53), the ‘Pro’ version of ‘ImageFramer’ includes 800+ frames, text over lays, image overlays, frame editor, design reports, batch processing options, hundreds of additional hi-resolution frames from countless suppliers, automatic overlay text (including dates and exif data) and much more.

Looking At The Bigger Picture

Having wasted hours of my time over the past few months trying to create my own frames from scratch using a variety of software, nothing seems to come close in comparison to ‘ImageFramer’. This super software has literally transformed my life especially when it comes to calendar creation the annual Christmas bug bare which I continue to carry out simply to put a smile on my families festive faces each and every year. 

Framing It With 'ImageFramer Pro' from Apparent SoftwareNow that I have ‘ImageFramer‘ to hand I will be framing all kinds of photos for countless creations in the future. This software is worth its weight in gold as it has saved me huge amounts of time and effort, that and I am now able to make the very best of my Mac without looking back!

For further information upon ‘ImageFramer’ or other Apparent Software products visit

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Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. Robert Sorrels
    January 3, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Thanks for writing this up. Periodically, I’ve tried to use ImageFramer – paid. I don’t seem to have very many frame choices. Yes, this should go to customer service, but thus far I haven’t been able to get a response. Example: I recently bought a frame special. (Don’t remember the name.) Despite various trials, I haven’t gotten them to show up. Likely I’m missing something obvious or this is in a FAQ somewhere that I’ve not found.
    Again, nice piece here.


    (Perhaps you’re being a bit disingenuous when you note: “(Ps) …which took a little time to get used to using.” Or perhaps this is a bit of the fabled Brit understatement?)

    • January 3, 2018 / 4:27 pm

      Thanks Robert I love this software x

  2. Robert Sorrels
    January 3, 2018 / 4:43 pm

    Just a note. I was inspired by your post so started digging. Found my way in (by reading the directions) and have everything working.

    Thanks again,

    (We have a saying in my engineering heavy family, “If all else fails, read the directions.” 🙂

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