Five Reasons To Switch To A Virtual Office

With advances in technology going at lightning speed, with new innovative online tools and software available at a click of button, people are increasingly looking at different ways of working such as setting up a virtual office.

Five Reasons To Switch To A Virtual Office

If you are a freelancer then a virtual office is going to be a very attractive way of working for the following reasons:

  1. You can save money on premises

When you work in a large office environment, there are a lot of overheads related to the premises, including rent and maintenance that you can avoid through having a virtual office. As long as you have the internet, you can set up base practically anywhere in the world. In the UK you are also likely to be entitled to claim on costs for your premises such as energy bills and other outlays depending on how you set up your company in terms of tax responsibilities.

  1. Save on IT costs

You will not need to pay the massive IT costs that large companies pay for all of their staff to get a PC, with network connection and the added security issues that come with shared networks. You can simply use some of the free or reasonably priced cloud based software. A laptop and WiFi should be enough to get most freelancers kitted out for work and maintenance will not require much more than a regular operating platform update and the installation of some anti-virus software.

  1. No commuting

Are there any people that actually enjoy commuting to work? The delayed public transport, the traffic jams, getting stuck in the rain, wind and snow? Working from a home based or local office will mean that you never have to concern yourself with the troubles that commuters face on a daily basis. Perhaps more importantly, you will get that commuting time back and be able to use it to earn more money or fit in more leisure time.

  1. Less office clothes to buy

If you are someone that likes to dress the part for work then you will know that over the course of a year you can spend a small fortune on office clothes. Whether you like wearing unique designer suits finished off with initial cufflinks or you prefer a more affordable style, your office wardrobe can be costly. Whilst you will still want to dress well for face-to-face meetings and video conferences, there will be less need to do so with a virtual office. Of course, if you feel more motivated wearing office clothes, then that is your choice, it depends on your personality and what works best for you.

Five Reasons To Switch To A Virtual Office

  1. Flexibility and work life balance

People who set up working from home may lose some of the benefits such as regular interaction with colleagues but will have more of their own time to socialise or do important tasks. There is no need to waste a day of holiday for an appointment or to take a delivery etc. you can simply work your hours to suit your life. Arranging for childcare can be much easier as you can be more flexible when you have no train/tube to catch. It also helps if you have emergency childcare needs as you can work your hours to suit.


If you find that the gym or supermarket etc. is too busy at peak pre/post-work times then you can juggle your working hours around to have a quicker, hassle free visit earlier in the day when it is quieter.

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