Crazy & Creative Card Games: SmartAss, Man Bites Dog & Switcheroo Review

With the summer holidays only six weeks away, I’ve already started drafting out packing lists – top of which is entertainment to keep the kids happy during their travels.

Whilst I’m quite happy to allow the children a little screentime during the flight, I tend to prefer that they steer clear of technology whilst traveling to avoid motion sickness and because wheres the fun in being glued to a gadget?!

University Games very kindly sent us three card games: Man Bites Dog, Switcheroo and SmartAss (which I have previously featured and reviewed upon this blog) to rate and review. Each of these games share similarities in style as they require creative, thoughtful and imaginative play, thus are ideal entertainment for both children and adults.…

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Having A Dabble With Dobble

As a member of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’ I have the opportunity to review and to share a board or card game each month. This month we were sent ‘Dobble‘, designed and produced by Asmodee Editions, a french publisher of board games, cards and role-playing games, Dobble is a fast paced observation game suitable for 2-8 players.

Dobble features fifty-five circular shaped cards, each card is unique and contains eight different symbols varying in size and placement. There are fifty symbols featured within the deck and to make game play challenging each card only has only one picture in common with any other card in the deck.…

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