#TheOrdinaryMoments – Hugs With The Hound

Once the kids have snuggled into their beds and sound asleep, Paul and I settle on the sofa with snacks, drinks, and the dog… There’s nothing quite like having hugs with the hound following a busy day, she may be rather slobbery and incredibly hairy but I couldn’t care less- she’s adorable!

Each and every evening Maisy hops onto the couch and snuggles herself into my feet, she will then slowly but surely crawl further upon me, often making it completely impossible to see or to watch the television at all.

Our house wouldn’t be our home without the presence of four paws, we’ve spent a few days in the past (whilst moving house and getting ready for our holidays) without a pooch and the house was squeaky clean but scarily silent, though I’m far happier living with the fur, the slobber, the drool, and the many doggy delights.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Rest, Relaxation & Weekend Walks

Over the weekend my husband often takes the kids and the dog out on walks, leaving me to catch up on the housework or to take five and enjoy the peace. As much as I love spending time with my family, it’s also healthy to have time out and to spend a little time in your own company now and then.

I love looking through the photos which Paul takes whilst out on his walks, the kids always wear such wide smiles, even the dog looks happier somehow!

I sometimes feel guilty for taking five, as if I should be doing something productive during that time such as cleaning or clearing around the house.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Ship Shaped

A few weeks back J came home with a set of instructions for how to create his very own Viking ship, the deadline was officially meant to be this Friday just gone but his teacher very kindly extended this until Tuesday which allowed us an extra weekend to put a little more effort into our endeavours.

I have to say having looked at the design ideas, I wasn’t really fancying building a boat. I’m quite the crafty type but making a Viking ship seemed a little beyond my ability, thus I left it up to the Dad ‘n’ Lad team to sort out.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Lets Go To The Beach

Every now and I take a trip to the beach, not with the kids nor the dog, just myself and my thoughts. It’s such a therapeutic place to visit, no matter what the weather or what may be on your mind, five minutes spent by the shore is soothing for the soul.

Often following a trip to town or to the shops, I’ll go back via the beach – it’s worth the extra five or ten minutes just for the views. I live in an area so rich in beauty, it’d be a waste if I didn’t take the time to appreciate my surroundings now and then.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Garden Gazing

Back in 2012 when we first moved into our current house, the garden was a mossy, overgrown mess in which stood a large, rusting greenhouse. I wanted to get rid of it the day that we moved in but Paul insisted that he wished to hold onto the rusty eyesore despite the cracked panes and broken door. He had grand ideas of growing plants, fruit and vegetables with the children, teaching them the pleasures and possibilities of gardening.

Whilst the kids quite liked to help out with watering the flowers, plants and random fruit and veg which we have grown over the years, they weren’t really all that bothered by the greenhouse – it was just obstacle to avoid when kicking a ball about …

Seven years later Paul finally decided to remove the great hunk of junk from our garden.…

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