#TheOrdinaryMoments – Unicorn Magic

Being Mummy to a little lady I’ve grown accustomed to all things pink, glittery and fluffy – it comes with the territory.

Our little E is the girliest little girly I’ve ever known, she’s a total Princess and loves to dress up as so. Whilst on an Asda run to collect sweets for the cinema E spotted this rather cute and fluffy unicorn headband and I knew instantly that it would be coming home with us or rather it’d be glued to E’s head for the foreseeable.

As predicted, E has spent the past twenty-four hours dressed as a Unicorn and such a beautiful little unicorn she is!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Hen Weekend At The Woolpack

Having just and so arrived home from a hen weekend in Leeds, I’m a little weary to say the least. This weeks Ordinary Moments post will therefore be a little shorter than usual as my PJs and pillows are calling me.

Whilst I once watched a variety of soaps, I tend to stick to just the two these days – Duffers (aka Eastenders) and Home & Away. I’ve only ever caught the odd second or two of Emmerdale thus I felt a little bewildered by this weekends trip to the Emmerdale Experience. Still, I (and the rest of the hens) had plenty of fun looking around the different sets and pulling pints behind the bar for what was once the set for the Woolpack.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Double Digit Eve To Our Little Man

As our beautiful boy is about to turn the grand age of ten, we have spent almost the entire weekend celebrating. We’ve obviously partied a little too hard as the kids are both worn out: E came down with some sort of sickness bug last night and J barely has a voice left thus they are both in bed early tonight.

This time ten years ago I was busy sucking on gas and air whilst begging for a c section, I can barely believe it’s been a decade since our little man made an arrival into this World. TEN YEARS! Where on earth has that time gone?!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Grand Day/ Night Out

Every few weeks my parents very kindly have the kids overnight; it gives Paul and I the chance to relax a little whilst the kids spend time with their Grandparents. We don’t pack much in terms of clothing as my Mother is an eBay addict and is forever buying bundles of clothes for the kids, which they come home wearing the following day.¬†However, we are always sure to pack their walking boots and wellies as whilst there, they usually head out for a hike with the crazy but cute dog.

Although I miss having the kids at home, it does us all a World of good to break the routine and to have a night out.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Five Minutes Peace

Being a creature of habit, I have my routines one of which is following lunch and tea (depending on whether it’s a work day or the weekend) Paul and I will clear the table, wash the pots and get as many of the chores out of the way before taking five to sit at the kitchen table and to enjoy a cup of coffee and a catch up whilst the kids entertain themselves.

We don’t get long before being interrupted by one of the kids or the dog requiring our attention. Those five minutes however are golden, it’s our time and the kids have come to accept that coffee cups signal five minutes peace and a sit down for their folks.…

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