#LittleLoves – World Book Day, Snow Days & Bye Bye To The Bay

I mentioned a few weeks back that I may start writing my #LittleLoves posts on a Saturday due to time restraints on a Friday, with that in mind and the fact that I no longer spend my Saturday evening’s busy working behind the bar, I may make this schedule alteration for my weekly #LittleLoves instalment a permanent fixture.

So without boring you any further regarding my scheduling plans, I will get onto the task in hand and list a few of my #LittleLoves from the week gone by.



Although I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading books with the children I haven’t really had much time to read for my personal pleasure, hopefully that will change over time.…

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Things I have Liked and Loved in February 2018

Where on earth did February go to? It may be the shortest month of the year but it barely feels as if it’s been a week since we were in January. Saying that we have done all kinds of things both in and out of the house throughout the past month, we’ve certainly been busy bees!

As always at the end of each month, I sit down and take a moment to reflect upon a few of the things which I have ‘Liked and Loved’ so without further ado here is this months effort.


I Have A New Job!

After two years of desperately trying to find a new job (ideally work within the Education sector) I finally made my lucky break, as I was offered a casual Teaching Assistant role within the local Primary School in which I have been working on a voluntary basis.…

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Snow Day!

It’s been years since we’ve had a day off due to snow, it was therefore a rather pleasant surprise to wake to the news that both Paul and I could switch off our alarms and grab an extra hour or two under the sheets.

However, moments later we were shaken from our slumber as we experienced a low scale earthquake which I first assumed to be a gritter or truck driving by. The noise unfortunately woke our daughter who then proceeded to wake the entire household.

After a failed attempt at trying to coax the kids back to sleep, Paul cut his losses and took the kids downstairs for an hour or two, whilst I caught up on some Zz’s before making a start on the household chores.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Snow Patrol

It’s snowing thick and fast outside, the kids have built a snowman and have finally had the chance to take a ride in their sledges as I watched from the warmth whilst folding the laundry.

Give it a few hours and I’m almost certain the white stuff will have melted to slush that or washed away with yet more rain.

There’s something rather therapeutic and comforting about looking out through the window pane watching the snow fall, tracing the water droplets as they etch their way downwards, trickling like tears down a face as their paths collide finally gathering to form puddles.…

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#LittleLoves – The Arctic Monkeys, Snow & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Whilst I usually write my weekly #LittleLoves post on a Friday evening I decided to give it a miss yesterday as both Paul and I were rather busy bees with work followed by an evening out with friends.

With it being the weekend you’d most likely expect that I’d have the time to sit and write blog posts but in actual fact my weekends seem to be a lot busier than the weekdays at present. Due to this I may well begin writing my #LittleLoves posts on a Saturday from time to time simply to make my life a little easier in the long run.…

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