#MySundaySnapshot – Snow Day 09/52 (2020)

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It’s been so long since we’ve seen snow that I’d almost forgotten what it looks like. Earlier this week the white stuff arrived and whilst it didn’t stay for long it was a lovely sight to see.

Sadly the kids didn’t get the chance to go sledging as before they were even able to get up, ready and dressed the snow had melted leaving slushy puddles in its absence.…

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Things that I have #LikedandLoved in February 2020

I’ll be honest, I don’t really feel much like celebrating the ‘highs from February’, it’s been a terrible month and not one which I ever wish to repeat. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a shot and try to list a few of the things which I have  #LikedandLoved throughout the past 29 days.

Celebrating Valentines Day & Fifteen Years Together

Paul and I have now been together for fifteen years in total, it doesn’t actually feel that long but then time seems to fly by once you are an adult. We didn’t go out or celebrate the occasion as we would usually do, things here are a bit hectic so we were quite happy to sit on the sofa with the television sharing a few sweet treats.…

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#LivingArrows – Snow Day Smiles 08/52 (2020)

We woke this morning to a covering of snow and after having a week off for the half-term holidays, what better way to start the working week than a snow day? 

Sadly the snow didn’t last long, we didn’t even get the chance to go out and play as by the time the kids had performed their ‘snow day dance’ (aka random dancing and screaming around the living room), had eaten their breakfast and were both dressed and ready, it was pouring with rain.

We didn’t waste the day entirely. Instead, we decided to enjoy our very own ‘board game bonanza’ and from lunchtime till almost bedtime.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Snow Way!

We haven’t had a decent snowfall since I was pregnant with E. Whilst E has seen snow, it has only ever been a few centimetres in depth and has never lasted for more than twenty-four hours.

This week I was half-hoping for a ‘snow day’, I say half-hoping as E had her school trip and I knew that she’d be heartbroken if it were to be cancelled. Sadly, the snow arrived but there simply wasn’t enough to warrant a snow-day (although much to E’s disappointment, the trip was postponed to stay on the safe side). Nevertheless, we made the most of the white stuff by taking a few pictures, making a few snow-angels and throwing the odd snowball.…

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#LittleLoves – World Book Day, Snow Days & Bye Bye To The Bay

I mentioned a few weeks back that I may start writing my #LittleLoves posts on a Saturday due to time restraints on a Friday, with that in mind and the fact that I no longer spend my Saturday evening’s busy working behind the bar, I may make this schedule alteration for my weekly #LittleLoves instalment a permanent fixture.

So without boring you any further regarding my scheduling plans, I will get onto the task in hand and list a few of my #LittleLoves from the week gone by.



Although I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading books with the children I haven’t really had much time to read for my personal pleasure, hopefully that will change over time.…

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