#LittleLoves – Shopaholics, Pirates & Hear Say

So Easter has been and gone, the holidays are almost over and just like that we will back to the usual routine come Monday. They say time flies when you are having fun and this past fortnight has certainly been that and more!


My husband very kindly handed over his Kindle PaperWhite earlier this week. I was originally planning to buy a few new books to read but then opted to delve into some of my past favourites for a re-read.

Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series was first to pop up on the list and I have since downloaded the very first book to enjoy all over again.…

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Our Little Lady Is Off To School!

Having waited for months to hear as to whether or not our beautiful, little lady E would be joining her brother at Primary School this autumn we were finally sent the results early this morning.

E will indeed be attending her school of choice come September and whilst I am over the moon with the news I am also emotionally broken. How on earth have almost four years flown by so flipping quickly?!

My baby has grown up, she may only be three-years of age at this current point in time but give it a few months and I’ll be browsing the rails for school uniform and packing her bags as she leaves for her first day of ‘big school’ with her older brother.…

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