Smart Ass – The Fun, Fast & Factual Card Game

Produced by University Games, The Smart Ass Card Game is a smaller, more compact version of the original board game ‘Smart Ass’.┬áThe Smart Ass Card Game can either be used as a stand-alone card game or as an expansion pack for the Smart Ass board game. This fantastic quiz based card game is suitable for two or more players ideally aged twelve years and over.

Game Play

We were recently sent our very own deck of ‘Smart Ass’ cards to play and then to review: Much-like a pub quiz, Smart Ass is a card based question game which consists of four different topic areas (Who, What, Where and Smart Ass).…

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Smiles, Sand and Surprises with LOL Surprise Pets

They may seem like over-expensive, glorified Kinder Eggs but the LOL Surprise series seems to have peaked in popularity with the YouTube generation.

When it comes to my daughters toys, I’d much rather spend my hard-earned money on something a little more substantial than flimsy figurines aka bin fodder, which I could essentially get in a Happy Meal should I fancy stuffing my face with salty, sugary rubbish for the pleasure of a free toy.

My daughter however, has a different view-point as she adores these plastic-fantastic figures. Our four-year old Princess cannot seem to get enough of the cutesy-crud which she has a vast collection of.…

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Timeline – Perfect Play For Stimulating Study

I’ve never been very good at History, it certainly wasn’t my favourite subject at school. Saying that, now that I’m older and more worldly-wise, I wish I’d paid a little more attention back in the day as history is an important part of our heritage and something which we can learn from.

Being British I should therefore know my British History but I obviously spent my time during History lessons either doodling or dozing, as I know very little upon the subject and rely mainly upon the likes of Google when it comes to anything before my own birth date.

In order to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself, I’ve made more of an effort when it comes to the subject with my own children.…

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Double The Dobble Fun With Dobble Animals Edition

Being a Mum that likes to be prepared, I tend to keep a few things hidden in my handbag which will keep the kids happy or at least ‘entertained’ whilst out and about. Whilst I’d love to carry a clutch bag, over time I’ve come to accept that since having kids that will never be the case.

There would simply not be the room for the wipes, games, figures and fidget spinners that I find myself carrying around, never mind my phone, vape, makeup, comb or wallet! For that reason I adore compact card games which are small in size, lightweight and easy to carry – Dobble being my current favourite.…

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Making Playtime Magic With Num Noms Snackables Dippers

As I've explained in past posts, our four-year old daughter E is rather partial to playing with Num Noms, sweet, stackable and smelly little toys which she has collected an impressive amount of throughout the past two years. Num Nom's Snackables Dippers We were recently sent three blind packs of Num Noms Snackables Dippers for E to put to the test and to share on this here blog. Having received our sets of Num Noms Snackables Dippers, E hastily opened each package, carefully laying out the contents of each box upon the table. Ideal for children ages three years and over, the 'Num Nom's Snackables Dippers' figures contain a surprise element in that they colour-change when dipped in ice-cold water. View Post