Fathoming Fashion With Fashion World

Being in my mid-thirties and having had two children, I don’t feel all that fabulous about my figure nor the fashion which I choose to wear. I tend to stick to casual, comfortable and floaty clothing which covers my wobbly bits though I highly suspect that my wardrobe contents are ‘out’ rather than ‘in’ when it comes to fashion.

I was recently asked whether I’d be willing to review a couple of items from ‘Fashion World’, a trading style from JD Williams, the UK’s leading direct home shopping company. Given that I haven’t the foggiest when it comes to fashion, I thought it best to give this a bash if anything to modernize my Mumsy look a little.…

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Crazy & Creative Card Games: SmartAss, Man Bites Dog & Switcheroo Review

With the summer holidays only six weeks away, I’ve already started drafting out packing lists – top of which is entertainment to keep the kids happy during their travels.

Whilst I’m quite happy to allow the children a little screentime during the flight, I tend to prefer that they steer clear of technology whilst traveling to avoid motion sickness and because wheres the fun in being glued to a gadget?!

University Games very kindly sent us three card games: Man Bites Dog, Switcheroo and SmartAss (which I have previously featured and reviewed upon this blog) to rate and review. Each of these games share similarities in style as they require creative, thoughtful and imaginative play, thus are ideal entertainment for both children and adults.…

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Unwrapping & Revealing LOL Surprise Series 5 HairGoals, Fuzzy Pets & Lils

Being on trend my five-year-old daughter is a huge fan of the World popular ‘LOL Surprise’ figures and toy sets. Over the years we have collected a number of these plastic, fantastic figures most of which have arrived in multiple layers of packaging of some sort, much like the bundle which arrived earlier last week for us to review.

We were sent a number of recently released series 5 LOL Surprise goodies to unwrap and to review including ‘LOL Surprise HairGoals’, ‘LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets’ and ‘LOL Surprise Lils’, all of which went down like a storm with my little LOL doll diva.…

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Celebrating Easter With Num Noms Latest Collectible Toys and Baking Easter Egg Bark

I like a challenge, especially when it involves getting creative in the kitchen. To celebrate Easter, Num Noms recently sent us a rather egg-citing package. Said package was filled to the brim with the latest Num Noms, a chefs hat, an apron and their latest challenge – to bake Easter bark.

How To Bake & To Make Easter Bark…

I have photographed and included the recipe should you fancy giving ‘Easter Bark’ a go for yourself (see below):

Handing Over The Baking Baton

As my weekend had been somewhat busy, I decided to hand the baking baton over to my husband who took charge with gusto.…

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Fast Paced Fun With Staccups

Prior to Christmas a colleague and good friend of mine recommend Staccups as a gift for my kids. At the time however, I’d already got my gifts sorted and stashed ready for the big day. I was there rather elated when were recently asked whether we’d be interested in reviewing the Staccups game.


Staccups (designed and created by University Games) is a fast-paced, fun, family game which is a  race against the clock, testing reaction times, hand-eye coordination and colour-ordering skills.

Suitable for two to four players, Staccups is recommended for players aged eight years and over. However, our little lady (who is currently only five years of age) rather enjoyed playing this game and even beat me in a few rounds.…

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