From Gaming To Reality With Roblox Figures & Playsets

Being the ultimate geek, our son J is really into gaming related figures and plush toys including Angry Birds, Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Minecraft, Terraria and of course Lego! His bedroom is much like a gamers paradise, choc-a-block with computer gaming based novelties and knick-knacks.



Much to J’s delight we were recently sent the latest range of Roblox toys to try out and to toy with. Roblox is one of the world’s largest social platforms for play powering the imaginations of people Worldwide.

Roblox is available to play on a wide range of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices and the XBOX One.…

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Perfect Personalised Pirate Birthday Accessories From Dom & Geri

It’s usually at this point in the year that I begin listing gift ideas for our sons birthday. It may be just over a month away but I already have a fairly good idea of what J is hoping for this year and have even made a start on purchasing one or two presents in preparation for the big day.


Pirates Ahoy!

J tends to go through phases of being utterly obsessed about one particular thing. Currently J is totally potty about pirates, rather than getting dressed into jeans and a tee-shirt after school he will often return downstairs wearing a pirate costume and carrying a sword of some sort.…

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Brilliant Baby Based Role Play With The Baby Annabell Potty Training Set

Whilst I am absolutely 100% certain that my days of procreation have ceased my daughter E seems to think otherwise as she adores babies. If we happen to see a little one being pushed along in their pram or a baby is sat playing whilst we are at toddler group E cannot help but to get up close and personal.

A few years ago E’s Grandparents treated E to her first ever baby doll and pram set which as you can imagine was an instant hit. With E being that bit older yet still baby mad her Grandparents very kindly updated the pram with a more realistic push chair and the doll with a more life-like, interactive Baby Annabell.…

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Making Memories With Canvas Champ Personalised Photo Canvases

As a parent I like to keep a photographic record of my little ones as they grow up. I literally take thousands of photos each and every year which I then organise into folders and store upon my computer. Every now and again I get the children’s photos printed and place them into large albums in date order because I have serious OCD when it comes to organisation.

Those albums often end up stored in their memory boxes which are ever-growing above our heads in the attic. Sadly not many of our photos are on display and this is something which I have been working upon over the past year or so.…

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Getting Crafty With The Craft Box Fairy Charm Jewellery Set

Much like a magpie, our daughter E cannot resist a bit of bling and over the years she has built a pretty impressive collection of trinkets, all of which she safely treasures in her beloved jewellery box.

We were recently sent the Craft Box ‘Fairy Charm Jewellery Set’ to review and to share. From the moment that she laid eyes upon this rather charming delivery, E was desperate to get her hands on the goods and to craft her very own bracelets and necklaces to add to her jewellery collection.


Whats Included?

Suitable for children four-years and over, the Craft Box Fairy Charm Jewellery set includes the following items:

160 x Opaque Beads (4 colours) 80 x Bicone Beads (2 colours) 40 x Round Facetted Beads (2 colours) 20 x Pearl Effect Beads (2 colours) 10 x Pink Heart Beads 10 x Purple Star Beads 10 x Purple Butterfly Beads 12 x Metal Fairy Charms 12 x Charm Split Rings 1 x 4m Stretch Jewellery Cord 5 x Clasps 10 x Small Beads 1 x Instruction Booklet

Jewellery Making

We began by removing the beads from the packaging and putting them into a bowl which was a little sturdier than the plastic packaging and easier to access the beads and charms required during working with the set.…

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