Getting Crafty With The Craft Box Fairy Charm Jewellery Set

Much like a magpie, our daughter E cannot resist a bit of bling and over the years she has built a pretty impressive collection of trinkets, all of which she safely treasures in her beloved jewellery box.

We were recently sent the Craft Box ‘Fairy Charm Jewellery Set’ to review and to share. From the moment that she laid eyes upon this rather charming delivery, E was desperate to get her hands on the goods and to craft her very own bracelets and necklaces to add to her jewellery collection.


Whats Included?

Suitable for children four-years and over, the Craft Box Fairy Charm Jewellery set includes the following items:

160 x Opaque Beads (4 colours) 80 x Bicone Beads (2 colours) 40 x Round Facetted Beads (2 colours) 20 x Pearl Effect Beads (2 colours) 10 x Pink Heart Beads 10 x Purple Star Beads 10 x Purple Butterfly Beads 12 x Metal Fairy Charms 12 x Charm Split Rings 1 x 4m Stretch Jewellery Cord 5 x Clasps 10 x Small Beads 1 x Instruction Booklet

Jewellery Making

We began by removing the beads from the packaging and putting them into a bowl which was a little sturdier than the plastic packaging and easier to access the beads and charms required during working with the set.…

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National Science Week With The Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit

Did you know it was National Science Week this week? As part of the celebrations we were very kindly asked to join forces with ‘Project Mc2’ and carry out some experiments of our own with the ‘Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit‘.

Our little lady may only be three-years of age but she already takes great pleasure in getting glammed up whether it’s having her hair styled, playing with her Mummy’s makeup or painting her nails. She was therefore delighted when we received the ‘Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Lab Kit’ to put to the test.

Project Mc2

Project MC2 (pronounced ‘Project MC-Squared) is an online (Netflix) American TV series set in the fictitious city of Maywood Glen, California.…

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My Little Helper And The Casdon Hetty Mop And Bucket Set

As you already know I’m a bit of a OCD freak especially when it comes to cleaning the house. I have a daily routine which I try to get out of the way whilst E is at Nursery but as this isn’t always the case, there are times when the children are asked to be patient whilst Mummy here runs around trying to get things sorted and shiny-clean so that we can get on with our day.

E often tries to get involved with the cleaning but as she is still a little small to be pushing around a heavy hoover or sweating over a steam mop, I go for the safer option and usually hand her a damp cloth and ask her to wipe the surfaces instead.…

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Celebrating Pancake Day With The #WhatsYourFlavour Num Noms Campaign

We may have accidentally celebrated Pancake Day a week early in this household but that means only one thing, we can do it all over again this week!

The NumNoms #WhatsYourFlavour Campaign

Num Noms are also celebrating this Pancake Day with the release of their new wacky stackables and we were very kindly offered the chance to take part in their latest #WhatsYourFlavour campaign.

What better way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday than to get the kids into the kitchen and get a little creative with their favourite figures, foods and flavours?


What Are Num Noms?

Num Noms became hugely popular in 2016 with their collectible, food based, scented figures proving to be a big hit with children across the UK.…

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Transform Into A TV Favourite With The Doc McStuffins Dress Up And Accessories Set

Since we first had Sky Television installed my little lady has been a big fan of The Disney Channel, she particularly enjoys watching ‘Doc McStuffins’ which has remained a firm favourite for a number of years now.

As with all TV programmes these days there is of course a wide range of Doc McStuffins toys and merchandise available on the market. E was very kindly sent two of these sets to share and review which of course she was more than happy to do!

Disney’s very own Dolittle ‘Doc McStuffins’ is a fictional six-year old girl whom ‘fixes’ toys with a little help from her own stuffed animal friends Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.…

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