#TheOrdinaryMoments – Mini Movie Moments

It feels like forever since we’ve been to the flicks, it was therefore a welcome treat to watch a movie at the local cinema earlier this morning. The kids were both eager to see Lego Movie 2 which as it happens was fairly enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind taking the kids to the cinema but HOW MUCH?! In total with tickets, food and drinks we managed to make our way through at least £40! It may have cost us an arm and a leg but the kids enjoyed every moment and that’s what it’s all about.

I must sound like such a whining, cheap-skate, I realise that trips out are an expensive affair but I was rather shocked and surprised by how steep a quick trip to the flicks was.…

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Five Of My Favourite Festive Films

Netflix has recently released ‘The Christmas Chronicles‘, a film which Paul and I saw advertised earlier last month and have been wanting to watch ever since. It may only be November but I’m all for being festive, any excuse to kick back on the sofa and to enjoy a film with the family.

The Christmas Chronicles was far better than we had expected, J was certainly entertained although E found it a bit beyond her age range. Having sat and soaked up a festive film, it got me thinking as to what my favourite films for this time of year might be.…

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Five Favourite Kid Friendly Halloween Movies

I love everything about Halloween, the dressing up, the games, the trick or treating, the weather, the smell in the air, the sweets, the decorations and of course the halloween movies. Here are five of my favourites which of course are kid friendly as otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to sit and watch them!

Five Of My Favourite Halloween Films

1. Hocus Pocus

 2. Casper

3. Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

4. The Addams Family

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Halloween Themed Movie Night Check List

There is so much to enjoy about Halloween, especially when it comes to arranging a movie night. …

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