Things That I have Liked and Loved in June (2019)

I swear as we get closer to the summer, each month just gets more and more manic! June has been crazy busy but filled with plenty of family fun, here are just a few of the many things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the past month.

Watch out!

Following a few random fainting episodes, my husband very kindly purchased a smartwatch for me to wear which monitors my heart rate, blood pressure and all that kind of malarky. It’s actually really useful, rather pretty and with the added extra that I can now see messages as they arrive, I’m a smartwatch girl!…

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#LivingArrows – Gala Day 24/52 (2019)

Each year, a nearby village hosts an annual gala which we usually take the children along to for the day. Although we weren’t expecting to be present this year, our plans altered at the last minute thus, we got to go to the Gala after all.

We were quite lucky as we had been forecast bad weather for the weekend, but thankfully Saturday stayed pretty dry and fairly warm. The kids ran around for an hour or so, visiting each stall and being sure to empty our pockets in the process, they had such fun though which is exactly what weekends are for.…

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Half Term Happenings

We are currently half way through the half term holidays and already I feel a million times better for a couple of days downtime – a little bit of rest and recuperation can make such a difference!

We’ve been working our way through a few jobs and such-like which have needed doing, Paul took our much-loved Mini went for a trip out yesterday to have her steering column replaced prior to the warranty expiring. Whilst the garage carries out this work, we have been given a brand new, 2019 Mini 5-door Hatch (the same as our own, only newer) to drive around.…

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The Siblings Project – Happy Travels (March 2019)

Thanks to the weather, we’ve been stuck indoors for the majority of our spare time together, thus I haven’t snapped many shots of late. However, this recent photo of my crazy kids sat within close proximity to each other is a current favourite of mine and one which I thought I’d share as part of the Siblings project series.

Whilst we have a large people carrier with tonnes of space, I tend to use the Mini most often when out and about. The kids are quite content squeezed into the back seats and I’m far happier driving something a little smaller, speedier and let’s face it – far more stylish than an MPV!…

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#LivingArrows – Our Mini Driver & Little Lego Lover 6/52 (2019)

With less than a week to go until half term the kids are more than ready for a holiday. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago since we were off for Christmas, yet the kids and I are both in much-need of a well-earned rest. We haven’t a huge amount planned for the half term, I’ve a few appointments written in the diary but other than that, I’m trying to keep our schedule fairly clear.

Our Little Lego Lover

Having watched the Lego Movie 2 over the weekend, J is now set upon adding to his ever-growing Lego collection with yet more plastic-fantastic sets.…

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