Starting School

Today marked our little ladies first ‘official day’ at Primary School, I say ‘day’ but I technically mean ‘afternoon’ as for the next three weeks the children are attending half-day sessions to settle into school life.

Not only was it E’s first day but it was also J’s first day in year four. He left for School early this morning with his Dad and a big grin plastered on his face.

I thought that I had allowed myself plenty of time to get E ready for School, to feed her dinner and to be able to send her off in style.…

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#LittleLoves – Those Proud Mummy Moments

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LittleLoves, it is soooo almost the summer holidays and we are all on ‘wind down’ to prepare for some quality family time without the daily school regime and random after school clubs. I am looking forward to the free time together without commitments to kick back, relax and just be a family.

I would hazard a guess that this weeks #LittleLoves aren’t anything particularly inspiring or even interesting but for me they are moments that have raised a smile and made my heart swell over the past seven days or so.


I recently completed reading  ‘A Year In The Life Of  A Playground Mother‘, a light-hearted, laugh per minute read which I thoroughly enjoyed.…

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Watching Your Children Grow From Babies Into ‘Little People’

I woke up with stomach ache this morning already worried about how E’s first day at Nursery will pan out. E on the other hand was still dead to World kicking out the Zzz’s while I slurped at my morning brew and tried to get a bowl of Cornflakes down the hatch. As soon as E was up and about we got ourselves ready and before I knew it, it was time to bundle her up into the car and take her to Nursery.

We arrived slightly early and went inside to explore, E instantly ran off and began joining in with the other children as they played.…

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The Next Milestone- Learning To ‘Let It Go’

It’s late and I should really be in bed but I can’t sleep there is something on my mind. Tomorrow (well today actually so I’ve noticed having just glanced at the clock) my little Princess has her first day at Nursery.

Unlike J who went to Nursery at the tender age of six months old, E has had the luxury of staying at home until almost three years of age. I worried at first that by keeping her at home I would somehow hold her back from developing her confidence and independence, I needn’t have worried as the result has been the complete opposite.…

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A Day Of Design & Planning For Potty Palava.

As the title suggests, the past twenty-four hours have literally been filled with ‘design time’. I decided to get all creative and try to make my own blog logo. Do you like it? Drop me a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know. I wish I wasn’t so blinking particular, otherwise I might have spent less time with my head stuck in my Macbook fiddling with Photoshop. Oh the joys of being an arty geek and suffering with perfectionist OCD issues…

Anyhow, less of the technical twaddle and back to the basics, that being the usual hum-drum of my day-to-day existence.…

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