Finding A Great Place To Settle For Your Family

There comes a time where we might wish to settle down and create the family unit we have dreamed of for some time. We might be in various stages of this development, because not everyone gets to experience a careful and planned route. It might be that you’ve been living in an apartment with your spouse and two-year old child, and now you think it’s time to live somewhere more comforting. It might be that your current family home is in an area you wish to move away from.

You might just want a fresh start. Perhaps you’ve done the family thing for some time, and now you wish to experience a new location, or move for another job.…

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There’s No Place Else I’d Rather Be

I must be getting old, either that or I’m just plain boring. Having spent almost an hour frantically searching through my wardrobe for something to wear, I eventually found something suitable and made my way out to the local bistro to celebrate my friends fortieth.

I was once such a sociable sort, I never struggled with conversation nor confidence when out. These days though, I find myself feeling anxiously awkward and tend to avoid conversation at all cost. It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s just that I don’t feel much like talking, especially so whilst sat at the table with people I’ve only just met or barely know.…

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Embracing The Downpour With Home Comforts

After months of almost endless sunshine the heat wave is finally over. I’d never thought that I’d be the type to rejoice at the idea of wearing jumpers, socks and warm clothing but right now I’m revelling in being able to enjoy the extra layers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sun-loving lady but my skin isn’t as such, I’m therefore rather relieved to have a little break from the burn. I’ve spent much of the day slumming it in slippers and sloggy, snug clothing whilst cracking on with the chores as you do on a stormy Saturday. 

Theres something incredibly comforting about sitting warm and snug at the kitchen table, Ed Sheeran singly softly in the background, my Macbook by my side as the rain beats rhythmically against the window.…

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Back From The City To Home Ground

We are now back from the city after an amazing weekend in London. We somehow seemed to fit all of the activities planned and more into just two days which is no mean feat for a family of four.

I am so very proud of the kids for coping with the journey, it was an incredibly long drive and they both behaved impeccably, especially considering that we spent almost two hours sat stationary in traffic. I will be sure to purchase an IPad headrest holder for the next time we plan to travel so far, there is only so long I can lean against an IPad case without getting a sore neck!…

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