A Soggy, Sullen Summer

To say that it’s mid-August, you wouldn’t know – it’s a soggy, sullen summer as the weather is utterly miserable! All those summer vest tops and pairs of shorts that I bought in anticipation of the warmer weather are now stuffed back in the drawers, replaced by jeans, long-sleeved tops, and cardigans.

I’d hoped that the holidays would be six stress-free weeks of sunshine and smiles but that’s not quite how it’s turned out. So far we’ve had a funeral, an overpriced holiday on which a tragedy occurred at a ‘four-star hotel’ that I wouldn’t have given a single star to, the death of a very close family friend, illness, surgery, and shoddy weather.…

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#LivingArrows – Sunset Snuggles 32/52 (2019)

J has reached that age where he no longer wishes to receive affection in the form of kisses, hugs or snuggles from his folks – he’d rather shake our hand or give us a friendly nod, which is fair enough so long as he’s polite and acknowledges our presence.

J reverted somewhat whilst on holiday, which considering the circumstances was completely understandable. He began asking to hold my hand whilst out walking, especially so when crossing roads and he’d happily hop into our bed for snuggles and reassurance of a night time.

I rather enjoyed sharing snuggles with my son, though now he’s happy at home I’m sure it’ll be back to handshakes and high fives!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Evenings Out Out

These were our ‘ordinary moments’ this time last week, we’d spend each and every evening ‘out out’ along the Cretan coast.

I’m not one of those holidaymakers that chose to spend their entire time stuck in a complex, why and how people remain in their hotel for their entire stay abroad is beyond my understanding… there is so much more to be explored and so much more to enjoy!

Our kids know fine well that despite whichever hotel we book, they will almost always be out of an evening. They are quite accustomed to strolling along shores, browsing bars and scouring the shops wherever we visit.…

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Things that I have Liked and Loved in March 2019

I can barely believe that it’s already that time of the month to sit and reflect upon the things which I have #LikedandLoved. We seem to be cruising through the calendar at such speed that I’m scarcely able to tell the days apart! Here’s a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved this month:

Hats Off For World Book Day


To celebrate World Book Day, my children were asked to create hats based upon their favourite stories, authors and books. E decided she wanted to be Mary Poppins whereas J opted to decorate a top hat with his very own comic creations.…

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Friday Feelings

After what has felt like a none-stop week, Friday has finally arrived – Hurrah! Whilst I’d love to tell you that we have nothing planned and can therefore slouch on the sofa and rest for the weekend, that isn’t quite the case.

As I said, it’s been a busy week although fun-filled throughout. We’ve had Pancake Day, World Book Day and of course it’s been Fairtrade Fortnight, thus fairly full on! Amongst all the activities, we’ve also managed to fit in dance classes, visits to and from Grandparents, shopping trips, homework and numerous chores.

Tonight, we are quite possibly going to the roller disco (as per usual for a Friday) although I’ll be honest – I don’t really fancy leaving the house in this weather – it’s pouring it down!…

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