#LivingArrows – Healing For The Half Term 13/52 (2019)

Whilst I’d made a long list of plans for the half term, I have put them to one side for the time being as both J & E began their holidays with a bug. Having spent the weekend resting and recuperating, I’m hoping that we can get things back on track and get out and about whilst we have the time together.

E spent the majority of the weekend either snuggling on the sofa or glued to my side, I hate seeing her unwell and other than cuddles and Calpol, there’s very little else I can do.

Despite being a little under the weather, she was adamant that she wanted to go swimming on Sunday.…

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Things that I have Liked and Loved in March 2019

I can barely believe that it’s already that time of the month to sit and reflect upon the things which I have #LikedandLoved. We seem to be cruising through the calendar at such speed that I’m scarcely able to tell the days apart! Here’s a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved this month:

Hats Off For World Book Day


To celebrate World Book Day, my children were asked to create hats based upon their favourite stories, authors and books. E decided she wanted to be Mary Poppins whereas J opted to decorate a top hat with his very own comic creations.…

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Plans For Half Term

It’s been a none-stop till you drop kind of day, yet for once I don’t really feel all that tired. I’m sure that come tomorrow morning, when the alarm clock kicks in, I’ll wonder which planet I reside upon and wish I’d gone to bed earlier. Until then however, I feel fairly energised which I’m guessing is partly down to the lighter nights and the idea of two weeks holiday just around the corner.

We have all sorts of plans for the half term; with it being Paul’s birthday and almost Easter we’re hoping to get away for a few days as a family and to have a whole lot of fun, without being confined to four walls – Here’s hoping that the weather behaves itself!…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Half Term

Half term has officially come to an end and we were sure to bring it to a close with a bang! Earlier this afternoon we took the kids along to ‘Wacky World’, a travelling inflatable obstacle course akin to Ninja Warrior.

Both the kids and us adults had an amazing afternoon, although we were utterly exhausted by the time that we had finished bouncing, running, climbing and generally working up a sweat. Paul and I may have taken the gladiator style challenges a little too seriously, it very quickly became a brawl rather than a battle!

J had an absolute ball!…

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