50 Shades Of Decor

I’ve had a passion for Art from an early age; I’d spend hours sketching, colouring and painting as a child. I took time researching artists from the past and present and collected a vast quantity of art reference books which I’d flick through regularly for inspiration and enjoyment.

As a child I dreamt of decorating my own room and whilst I had some input into the colour schemes my parents selected, it was always down to them to decide how and where things would be placed, painted and so on. Still, I toyed with decor and design through playing and using ‘The Sims’; I would spend hours building, designing and decorating houses in the hope that one day it would be a reality.…

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#LivingArrows – Happy Hopping & Loopy For Lego 23/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks #LivingArrows post, a weekly post in which I share a couple of snaps taken of my wonderful children (I swear there’s not a hint of sarcasm there at all!)

Half term is officially over, the kids have returned to routine and I’ve found myself able to finally focus and get a few things done around the house. No longer am I swamped by piles of post awaiting reading or filing, the house is mostly clean and I have even been able to catch up with a few soaps whilst getting some work done.

I am yet to address the ever-growing email inbox, transfer and file my photos, that and assist J with both his thank you letters and outstanding homework over the next week or so. …

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#LittleLoves – Shopaholics, Pirates & Hear Say

So Easter has been and gone, the holidays are almost over and just like that we will back to the usual routine come Monday. They say time flies when you are having fun and this past fortnight has certainly been that and more!


My husband very kindly handed over his Kindle PaperWhite earlier this week. I was originally planning to buy a few new books to read but then opted to delve into some of my past favourites for a re-read.

Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series was first to pop up on the list and I have since downloaded the very first book to enjoy all over again.…

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Garden Gazing – Designing Our Dream Garden

Since moving house almost five years ago Paul and I have found ourselves groaning at the garden year in year out as despite endless prodding, poking and pruning we still have the worst drainage imaginable resulting in a garden akin to a swamp.

At one side of the garden we have a rather dated greenhouse which I fear could pose potential danger for the kids and a shed, which in my opinion faces the wrong direction and is placed slap bang in the muddiest portion of the garden making accessing said shed near impossible unless you dare venture down the uneven concrete slab path which is also caked in crap.…

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