#TheOrdinaryMoments – Feeding Time At The Zoo

I decided to address an issue which seems to be a constant battle in this household – food. As this is indeed ‘an ordinary moment’ for this family, it seemed to fit perfectly into this post.

Way back when the kids were first-born I made a plan to ween them onto freshly made fruits and vegetables, all of which my husband and I peeled, chopped, puree and then placed into ice-cube trays to freeze. We then placed the frozen cubes into plastic bags, which we then labelled with the date and contents. Following this we followed Annabel Karmel and Gina Ford recipes for a wide range of nutritious meals all of which our children ate.…

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#LivingArrows – The Apples Of My Eye 41/53 (2018)

We are forever encouraging our little ones to eat more fruit and veg. In all honesty they are pretty good with their fruit, it’s just the vegetables we need to work upon.

Thankfully we are able to fool both J and E into eating almost ten vegetables in one sitting through the power of soup. Oh soup, it’s such a wonderful dish especially during the autumn months. We really ought to make more soup, at least try a wider range of recipes as the children seem fixated upon one specific soup which although I adore, can become tiresome at times.

We try to stick to the ‘five a day rule’ and have even found products such as pizzas with hidden goodies in to ease the pressure.…

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The A Word & Eating Out

Its been a fairly uneventful Easter so far, whilst some of the fault for this lies with us for being far too relaxed rather than taking the kids here, there and everywhere as we normally do during the holidays. The main reason for our lazy outlook has been down to the weather. We would much rather stay in and keep warm and dry as the weather has been utter crud, we have had everything that the sky can throw at us from sunshine to rain to hail and even some flurries of snow for good measure! I thought it was meant to be spring, but apparently the weather has other ideas.…

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