#MySundaySnapshot – Spring Is In Bloom 14/52 (2019)

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We are officially half way through the half term and the sunshine has finally shown its face. With a little luck the weather will stay on side and we might just make the best of our break. At last, spring is in bloom; the hedgerows are thick with flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass hangs in the air and the idea of having a BBQ and some drinks on the decking doesn’t seem too far out.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Flower Power

Apologies for the rather late post but I’ve had yet another busy day, hopefully things will calm down a little now that it’s half term, on second thoughts who am I kidding?!

We’ve had a fantastic, fun-filled few weeks which at times has felt like its been none stop till I literally drop. I dropped just over a week ago with the most horrendous sore throat and despite having next to no voice then sounding much-like a man I continued to do my very best to troop on.

There were times when I crawled into a bed for a few hours extra rest here and there but us ladies need our beauty sleep right?…

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#MySundayPhoto – For The Love Of Foxgloves

The smells of freshly cut grass and distant BBQ smoke wafted in the air as I knelt upon my in-laws garden, camera in my hand snapping photos of the flowers whilst bathing in the mid-afternoon sun. The kids were busy happily running amuck along the lawn as the dog dawdled happily behind them sniffing each and every plant pot as she went by.

A sense of tranquility and peace washed over me as I slipped off my shoes and ran my toes through the grass. It may have only been for half an hour but they were thirty much-needed minutes which somehow set my mood for the evening ahead.…

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