Things that I have Liked and Loved in April 2020

At last, April is over and we are through yet another month of lockdown. I suspect that we will have at least another three weeks if not more being stuck inside, though it’s all for our own safety and therefore I must not moan… (moan moan moan).

Despite being stuck within the same four walls, we’ve made the most of our time together – here are a few of the things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout April.

Paul Turned Thirty-Something

Though we tend to celebrate birthdays by enjoying trips and treats out and about, this year we were forced to celebrate Paul’s birthday in ‘sitting room style’ aka – we had yet another day in lockdown.…

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Things that I have Liked and Loved in October 2019

And just like that October has come to a close. It’s been a busy and extremely expensive month for us but we’ve sure had some fun – here are a few of the things that I have #LikedandLoved during the month.

The Half Term Holidays

Autumn brought the half-term holidays, a much-needed break from the daily grind. Whilst we didn’t do an awful lot, we had a wonderful week filled with rest, relaxation and family fun.

The Bling Is Back!

Back in September I discovered that I was a diamond down. My husband very kindly took my wedding ring along to our local jewellers and a month later my bling is finally back.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Sunday Swimming & Shopping Shenanigans

It’s been raining continuously for almost twenty-four hours now and as Id expected the roads were like rivers when E and I drove through to her swimming lesson earlier today.

E recently passed her stage two swimming certificate, she has now moved up to a more advanced class at a later time (bang on dinner time!) which began today.

Poor E was accustomed to being one of the strongest kids in her swimming class, whereas now she is one of the smallest, youngest and weakest swimmers in her class, though I’m sure it won’t be long before she finds her feet or should I say fins?…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Five Minutes Peace

Being a creature of habit, I have my routines one of which is following lunch and tea (depending on whether it’s a work day or the weekend) Paul and I will clear the table, wash the pots and get as many of the chores out of the way before taking five to sit at the kitchen table and to enjoy a cup of coffee and a catch up whilst the kids entertain themselves.

We don’t get long before being interrupted by one of the kids or the dog requiring our attention. Those five minutes however are golden, it’s our time and the kids have come to accept that coffee cups signal five minutes peace and a sit down for their folks.…

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