#LittleLoves – Brian, Blogs & Bling

It’s been an action packed week with very little time to sit back and to do much of anything other than to chase our own tails. Despite being ridiculously busy I will do my very best to find a few #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so to share with you.


Whilst at the Blog On conference back in September I had the pleasure of meeting a rather lovely lady named Angela who blogs over at www.adventuresinwebsterland.com

I already followed and read Angela’s blog prior to meeting up at the conference but actually meeting Angela seemed to change things.…

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What I Learnt From The Blog On Conference

Following my return from Blog On last month I promised you all a post packed full of all the things that I learnt whilst I was there. There is so much that I learnt and have since used I found myself having to write separate lists for each session.

What I Learnt About The Blog On Conference I realised that it doesn’t matter how significant your presence on the internet, Blog On welcomes all bloggers no matter what your DA, PA, Klout, Tots or whatever other score may be. You may have been blogging for a matter of years or days, it doesn’t matter either way as Blog On is beneficial to all that attend.… View Post