#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Four Year Blogversary

Apologies for the late post but for one reason or another, things aren’t quite as they should be at present thus my blog may be a little quieter for the short term. 

Today just so happens to be my ‘fourth blog birthday’! It doesn’t really feel like four years since I first created this here blog and wrote my first post – time flies I guess!

I’ve really enjoyed writing, editing and creating posts over the past four years, it’s been a great way in which to document and record memories of Motherhood. Though, with the kids getting older, I tend not to share quite as much online (although they assure me that they don’t mind) as their privacy is important. …

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Stat Stalking

I tend not to care about nor to check upon my stats when it comes to this here blog. There are times when I’ll get the odd alert such as ‘this post is trending’ or ‘your site has a high amount of traffic today’ and I wonder why?…

I never usually bother looking further into the matter, that was until this week when I noticed that someone had spent over three hours of their Tuesday morning scouring through my site. This set alarm bells ringing as usually, Id suspect it be some sort of bot or hacking attempt, apparently not though which leaves me wondering just who would waste spend so much their time reading through my blog?…

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Happy 3rd Blog Birthday

Three years ago, I began a rather interesting online journey in the form of a blog. Never for a second did I imagine than my writing would be anything other than a hobby, three years later though I have made a whole group of new friends, have met some incredible people and I have experienced some amazing opportunities all thanks to being a blogger.

What is a blogger? I’m not entirely sure. I may have spent the past three years sharing posts online, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m just a girl with a laptop that likes to share some parts of her life online. Don’t…

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Getting Back To Blogging

Since having to hold back on blogging last month I’ve been desperate to make a return. I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be wise to continue writing in such an open format but both blogging and vlogging seem to be the way of the World these days, and I for one believe it should be something which is encouraged not quashed.

I’ve seriously missed sitting at my Macbook reflecting upon the day gone by, reviewing products and sharing snaps of my little ones as they grow. Over the years my blog has blossomed into far more than I could have ever imagined – it has become my memory log, my sharing space and a part-time venture to promote products through honest reviews.…

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Happy 2nd Blog Birthday To Me!

It doesn’t feel as if I’ve been blogging for two years but as of today this blog is officially two years old! I’ve had an amazing twenty-four months of blogging, I never really expected for my writing to amount to anything other than perhaps a couple of comments from family and friends.

Whilst my blog isn’t particularly popular in comparison with others online I try not to compare nor to take statistics or numbers to heart as popularity nor point scoring is the reason for which I blog. I blog simply because I enjoy writing, that and I feel that I have something to share from time to time which I hope others may find humorous or helpful.…

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