Let Summer Commence!

I was intending to write this post yesterday. However, despite my best intentions I decided to cut loose and to celebrate the start of the summer by sharing some bubbles with a bestie.

At precisely 1.15pm just as school was officially ‘out for the summer’, rain began to heave from the heavens by the bucket load, the electricity began flickering on and off and it felt far more like winter than summer. Not one to let the weather get in the way, I finished off my jobs for the day, loaded the kids into the car and played summer songs all the way home.…

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#LittleLoves – May 2019

Half term is almost over, as is the month of May. It’s been a manic month, to say the least, we have been super busy but we’ve had plenty of fun. Here are a few of my #LittleLoves from the past month.


This was the month that finally got back into the books, chick lit (as it requires barely any brain power) but still a fantastic little read.

Sophie Kinsella is one of my preferred authors, I clearly remember reading the Shopaholic series and thoroughly enjoying her material. Sophie’s ‘My Not So Perfect Life’ was another awesome read which I thoroughly recommend.…

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Things that I have Liked and Loved in May (2019)

To say that May has been manic is an understatement! We haven’t stopped and I’m quite literally ready to drop. Saying that we’ve had some awesome events and some fantastic family time – here are a few of the many things which I have #LikedandLoved throughout the past month.

New Phone Day

My husband and I were both using rather outdated mobile phones, both of which we fancied upgrading and given that we were offered a super double-deal we couldn’t resist. We are now the proud owners of two top-of-the-range handsets – an IPhone XS Max and a Samsung Note 9.…

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#LivingArrows – Happy 10th Birthday J 20/52 (2019)

It’s official, our little man is now double digits. I’m not entirely sure where those ten years went but they’ve certainly passed as out little man ain’t all that little anymore!

Happy 10th Birthday J

Despite spending his birthday at school, J has had a brilliant birthday. We got up early so that he had plenty of time to open his many cards and presents, he then spent the day with his friends having fun at the local Museum before coming home and opening yet more presents, blowing out his candles and eating shed loads of cake. Having waited for over an hour for Paul and I to assemble his new drum kit, he eventually had time playing with that too.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – Happy Double Digit Eve To Our Little Man

As our beautiful boy is about to turn the grand age of ten, we have spent almost the entire weekend celebrating. We’ve obviously partied a little too hard as the kids are both worn out: E came down with some sort of sickness bug last night and J barely has a voice left thus they are both in bed early tonight.

This time ten years ago I was busy sucking on gas and air whilst begging for a c section, I can barely believe it’s been a decade since our little man made an arrival into this World. TEN YEARS! Where on earth has that time gone?!…

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