Blogging Behind The Scenes – Advertising On Your Blog

Welcome to this weeks edition of the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are discussing advertising, the pros, the cons and the realities of hosting ads on your site.


Advertising Is All Around Us

Advertising is everywhere we turn these days, from the magazines we read, the television we chose to watch, the flyers posted through our doors, the billboards plastered all over town to the websites we visit.

I personally feel bombarded by advertising these days and whilst it may have once been an effective way in which to sell something, I now feel we are actually overdosing on adverts thus ignoring the majority of the information being force-fed to us as we go about the daily grind.…

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