Surviving Summer – The First Week

That’s the first week of the summer holidays done and dusted, routine has officially been flung from the window and I’m quite happy living the relaxed lifestyle. When the temperature sores to thirty-odd degrees celsius, there’s not a lot you can do other than prop up the parasol and slump on a sunlounger, either that or join the kids in the paddling pool. No ta…

I’ve been busy both indoors and out (dependent upon the kids’ toleration of the heat) keeping the kids from killing each other. We’ve baked, crafted, coloured, you name it – we’ve done it in the name of entertainment and so far everyone’s still alive.

Surviving Summer - The First Week

Why is it that the housework seems to double during the holidays?! I’m not sure whether it’s having the kids at home adding to the constant mess, the dog being on a full malt (by which I am referring to the mounds of fur that she is shedding, I’m not implying that she is supping Whisky, although I’m sure she would if she could!) or the fact that being in the house, I’ve now noticed what needs cleaning, tidying and generally sprucing up – either way, I’ve been a busy bee!

Thankfully Paul has now finished for the week and we can finally spend some time together, it felt odd us all being at home without him. We’ve managed though – I’m not keen on manning up, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being an independent, strong woman but when it comes to killing spiders, emptying bins and fixing furniture, I’d much rather hand the screwdriver to my hubby.

On that note, there’s a whole new season of ‘Orange Is The New Black’, that and ‘Workin Moms’ to be watched and now that the hubby is finally out of the tub, it’s time to ‘Netflix and chill’.



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