Sofa Snuggles & Bank Holiday Blues

It’s getting towards the end of August, we have just one week remaining before the children go back to school and already it feels like autumn has arrived. Like a thief in the night, summer has suddenly slipped away leaving us looking back upon what was and looking forward to what may be.

I feel as if I’ve spent almost the entire holiday unable to completely kick back and relax as I’ve been both focused and distracted by the challenges which this particular week will present. Fingers and toes crossed that we are given good news and that I can finally clear my head of medical matters.

We are yet to collect and buy a few bits and pieces for the annual school uniform update; J needs a couple of jumpers and a few pairs of pants, then we just need to double-check that their shoes still fit and we are good to go. I’m not a fan of clothes shopping, although this time round I’m quite appreciative of the distraction of the dreaded school uniform shopping spree.

Sofa Snuggles & Bank Holiday Blues

Whilst most families are probably spending their bank holiday out gallivanting, we on the other hand have done next to nothing following what felt like a never-ending weekend of birthday party bedlam. J has a bit of a sore throat and E is still pretty exhausted following the past few days action, I’m therefore quite happy to sloth out on the sofa.

I’m not really in the mood for being out and about, I’d much rather sit and have sofa snuggles with Maisy and the kids. I think we may run an early evening bath then get into our jim jams and watch a movie with some hot chocolates and left over party food, which there is certainly plenty of to polish off!


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