So Long Summer

It’s the final week of the summer holidays and as we swing out of summer, the weather seems to have followed suit. Gone are the glorious sunshine days as the grey skies and the drizzle have returned – it feels very much like autumn has made an early arrival!

So Long Summer

We’re just about sorted for the upcoming school year, I just need to add name labels into the kids’ uniforms, pick up a new school bag for E and to check that their PE kits still fit.

As for me, I’ve got a brand new diary, a brand new bag and I’m currently awaiting the arrival of some new work pants.

I’m more than ready for a return to routine – there’s only so long I can deal with the kids claiming boredom, that and emptying our wallets to entertain themselves.

Come this time next week I’ll probably be wishing to turn back time. At present though, my thinking is that it’ll do us all the world of good to get back into a routine and to say “so long” to the summer.

It’s not exactly been the summer we had planned nor wished for but it was what it was… So long summer!

So Long Summer


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