Chugging Through The Chores As School Is Out For The Summer

School is officially out for the summer, well to be precise we finished on Tuesday afternoon but it’s taken me until now to find the time and motivation to sit with my Macbook or to do anything other than doss on the decking or plod around the park with the kids.

I haven’t spent the entire week lazing on my lounger as earlier this week I managed to get a few things done around the house including gutting the garage, collecting together books, games and clothes for charity bags, sorting through two years worth of children’s art work, rearranging the house and contents insurance, booking a range of overdue appointments and listing a shed load of shoes on eBay.

Following last weeks tragic loss of our beautiful basset hound Molly, I decided to deep clean our kitchen and living area on an industrial scale. I then bought a new baby gate to create a new area in which our Maisy Moo can sleep and play more freely. I then rearranged all the kitchen and dining furniture and have made what felt like a rather cramped kitchen into a spacious seating area for family and friends to enjoy time together.

Chugging Through The Chores As School Is Out For The Summer

The patio curtains, which once looked rather sorry as they hung from only half the amount of hooks and clips required, have now been restored by using low and behold – a pack of loom bands! Having a move around seems to have given our kitchen and dining area a new lease of life, it looks far better than it did and whilst I still intend to redecorate when possible I’m far happier with how it looks for the time being.

Although our house is now squeaky clean, our car is far from it! I have a list of jobs that we are still to do in and around the house and at present ‘cleaning the car’ is top of said list. Today however we ‘binned off’ the chores and prepared a picnic which we shared in the park before taking ourselves into town for a browse around bikes for our soon-to-be birthday girl.

Within minutes of arriving in a rather hot and sticky Halfords store, E had picked out a perfect pushbike, with purple sparkly paint, a beautiful basket and of course a bell Рwhat more could any Princess wish for? Chugging Through The Chores As School Is Out For The Summer

A quick trip to Boots for some calpol sachets, sun tan lotion and a spritz of the perfume samples and I was good to go.¬†Having ticked off the ‘to do list’ we sacked off any further exposure to the scorching sun and made our way home.

The kids are now sat comfortably with ice-cold drinks watching The Greatest Showman for the millionth time, meanwhile Paul and I are busy frying chips and sizzling steak in the kitchen with the doors and windows wide open, as the sky has now clouded over and we are finally able to catch a cool breeze.

Bring on the thunder storms and heavy downpours as I’m not sure how much more of this heat I can take!



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