Getting Summer Ready With Kids

Summer seems to be the season that everybody looks forward to. There’s so much to do, and the weather certainly helps with being able to take activities outside. When you’ve got kids, there’s nothing better to wear them out for the day than having fun in the summer sun. Winter sees us having to snuggle up indoors and go outside for limited times because of the cold, but this is totally reversed now; we have a lot of catching up to do! So let’s get summer ready…

Getting Summer Ready With Kids



What you need to look for are entertainment items that can be utilised in the garden. Think big garden games, such as Jenga and Connect 4, which can be played outside. There are also things around the garden which can be used for fun if your children are in the age of imagination (usually around toddler age to just before they turn into teenagers). Transform an area of your garden into a safe haven for elves and fairies; create a fairy door, put in an elf pond filled with special stones – it doesn’t have to be big at all, just enough to catch a little water – and see if there is any furniture that you can make for them out of twigs, string, leaves and anything else that you can find on the ground. Children can spend hours letting their creativity run wild with this.


Ways To Keep Cool

The vital thing to keep you and your family comfortable this summer is to keep cool. If you’re thinking of buying clothes for the season, visit a site like to ensure you’re getting a good deal – these changes in the weather can really wipe us out financially! Make sure that you always keep a good area of shade outdoors. If you have air conditioning, before it starts to get really hot out, get it serviced so that it lasts throughout the summer. The last thing that you want is to come inside and have warm air hit you when you’re trying to cool down! Finally – and this is sort of related to the entertainment idea, too – get out the water. Set the hose to spray and start getting wet. This will instantaneously provide you both with the coolness that you need and the fun outside that you all crave. You can make your own slip ‘n’ slide from a sheet of tarpaulin – just add water and slide away!



Especially when you have children, protection from the sun’s rays is the most important aspect that you need to think about. Get clothes which are light to wear but long; if the sleeves cover their arms, you have more chance of protecting them from sunburn. Invest in sunglasses and sunhats for further protection, and make sure that you have a good stock of sun cream that’s at least Factor 30 SPF to slap on before you go outside. This goes for you too! Just because we’re parents doesn’t mean that we’re not affected by what the sun can do to us.

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